Meet Dr. Darvishi, a firm believer in the profound connection between a patient's dental well-being and their overall health. Viewing dentistry as a blend of science, art, and compassionate care, Dr. Darvishi is dedicated to the transformative power of a beautiful smile. 

Having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and biology from Portland State University in 2016, Dr. Darvishi pursued his DMD at Oregon Health & Science University. His educational journey continued with a general practice residency at the same institution, where he had the privilege of being part of a multidisciplinary team caring for patients during their most vulnerable moments. This experience provided invaluable insights into managing medically and dentally complex cases.

Seeking to broaden his expertise and offer a diverse range of dental services, Dr. Darvishi completed a dental fellowship in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery at Oregon Health & Science University. This enhanced his surgical skills, enabling him to collaborate closely with OMFS specialists in the comprehensive care of head and neck cancer patients.

Recognizing the prevalent fear, anxiety, and phobia associated with dental procedures, Dr. Darvishi decided to further his education in sedation. He expanded his knowledge in oral sedation and obtained a moderate sedation license. A distinctive feature of his practice is the ability for patients to undergo all dental treatments in one office with conscious sedation throughout the procedures.

Beyond the realm of dentistry, Dr. Darvishi finds joy in spending quality time with his wife and two dogs.

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